Belote is a cards game that is very popular in France, available in the classical and Coinché modalities. To play in pairs, 2 or 3 players. Regeln und Varianten des beliebten französischen Kartenspiels Belote, mit links zu software, onlinespielen und weiteren ressourcen. Rules and variants of the popular French card game Belote, with links to software, online games and other resources.

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In the following tricks, players may play either a face-up card that still covers a face-down card, or an isolated face-up card from the previous tricks. In case of equality, the taker's team loses and the opponents get all the points. Cookies allow you to benefit from many functionalities so as to improve your user experience on this website. When doubling any contract, not only a bid in "all trumps", two levels are allowed. The game is mostly played by four people, but versions exist for five, three and two players, including a non-trivial two-player "open cards" version. If none is trump, the one held by the player who is earliest in rotation wins playing anticlockwise, the player to dealer's right is first in rotation and the dealer is last. Die besten Spiele Solitär Celtric Mahjong Ninjago Tom und Jerry Bubble Shooter Goodgame Dragonball Minecraft. Belote-Rebelote always scores 20 points, irrespective of other declarations. Variations Direction of play People often play the whole game clockwise, rather than anticlockwise. Man erinnere sich daran, dass, abgesehen von Belote-Rebelote, skwo ein Team Punkte für Meldungen erhalten kann. This often affects the other player's choice. The rules of Belot are very close to those of Belote, and of its ancestor, Klaberjassbut with a few significant differences in .


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